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    ERC grant awarded to Laura Dugué for the WAVES project!

    Projet WAVES – Laura Dugué de l’Integrative Neuroscience and Cognition Center Propagation d’ondes cérébrales : définir les mécanismes permettant à l’attention d’agir dans l’espace et dans le temps Les oscillations cérébrales ont fait l’objet de multiples débats dans la recherche…  Continue reading


    Access our past INC seminars online!

    Trace back more than 80 seminars in all fields of brain science, including INC Day seminars, gathering ten national and international speakers around a common theme, such as Epigenetics, Virtual Reality etc.. An amazing insight into the latest research by…  Continue reading

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    The INC in Space!

    The european astronaut Alexander Gerst has just performed 2 experiments onboard ISS for the CNPP UMR8119, amongst other research laboratories.     This week Gerst has completed the GRASP experiment, a study led by Joseph…  Continue reading

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    The INC welcomes it’s first chemistry team!

    The research group “Medicinal Chemistry of α-amino acid receptors and transporters” is part of UMR8601-CNRS at University Paris Descartes http://www.biomedicale.parisdescartes.fr/umr8601/-rubrique9-.html   Today the group is composed of Francine Acher and Isabelle McCort as senior scientists, a postdoc (Chenyu Ling), two…  Continue reading


    Yasmine Rabah – winner of the scientific imagery prize

    At the University’s headquarters, researchers, teachers , engineers, scientists, admin and technical staff have exhibited photographs, sketches, paintings and scientific posters with the theme : ‘Extreme-s’. Visitors were invited to vote for their favorite piece in 3 categories: scientific image…  Continue reading