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    New teams join the INC!

    We are glad to inform you that several labs have recently joined us:

    • LAPSYDé (UMR CNRS 8240; Director: Grégoire Borst)
    • Regulation of glycemia by the central nervous system(REGLYS) headed by Christophe Magnan (UMR CNRS 8251, Biologie fonctionnelle et adaptative, BFA)
    • Central control of alimentary behavior and energetic expenditure (C3ADE) headed by Serge Luquet (BFA)
    • Samuel Bottani’s team (UMR CNRS 7057, Matter and Complex systems, MSC)
    • Hormonal regulation of brain development and cognitive functions headed by Franck Oury (INSERM U1151, Institut Necker – Enfants malades, INEM)
    • Transcription factors and cell fate (UMR 7592, Institut Jacques Monod, IJM) headed by Vanessa Ribes

    Welcome to the INC!