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    A new lab of Paris Diderot has joined the INC!

    We are happy to announce that the UMR 7216 Epigenetics and Cell Fate, directed by Jonathan Weizman and Valérie Mezger, has joined the INC! Since its creation in 2009 on the Paris-Rive-Gauche Campus by the University Paris Diderot and the CNRS, the laboratory Epigenetics and Cell Fate has established itself as an emerging research centre for the study of epigenetic mechanisms that contribute to cell differentiation and cell fate destinies.
    As such, several groups of this unit have been involved in deciphering the role of epigenetic actors in brain development and integrity, which appear to be tightly controlled by epigenetic mechanisms. These projects include molecular, neurodevelopmental, neurological, and behavioural aspects. This is the second Paris Diderot laboratory that joins our institute. Click here for more information.