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    22 Mars 2024 – Elisabeth Traiffort (Maladies et Hormones du Système Nerveux, Université Paris-Saclay)- Androgens show sex-dependent differences in myelin regeneration of the central nervous system

    Multiple sclerosis is an auto-immune, demyelinating and neurodegenerative pathology of the central nervous system (CNS). The early phase of the disease mostly corresponds to a relapsing-remitting form with a succession of demyelinating events, each followed by spontaneous myelin regeneration. Over…  Continue reading

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    19 Janvier 2024 –  Nicolas Renier (Laboratoire de Plasticité structurale, ICM, Paris) – The developing post-natal cerebral vasculature

    The brain is densely perfused by the vascular network, which provides nutrients and oxygen to support neuronal function. The architecture of the cerebral vasculature addresses specific constrains of the neural tissues, including the near absence of energy storage and very…  Continue reading

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    12 Janvier 2024 –  Tatiana Novikova (Physique des Interfaces et Couches minces, Ecole polytechnique – Palaiseau) – Imaging Müller polarimetry for probing biological tissue at macro- and microscale

    It has been proven that polarized light is extremely sensitive to tissue microstructure. Early pathological changes in tissues may not be visible with a naked eye. This contrast, however, can be increased in polarized light images, because these changes alter…  Continue reading

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    10 Novembre 2023 –  Laurent Cohen (Département de Neurologie, Hôpital de la Salpêtrière et Institut du Cerveau et de la Moëlle épinière – Paris) – The reading brain upside down and inside out

    The ventral occipitotemporal (VOT) cortex plays a pivotal role in the visual recognition of various types of items, including objects, faces, places, and written words. The role of the left VOT in reading has been recognized since the 19th century…  Continue reading

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    6 Octobre 2023 – Sarah Genon (Research Center Jülich, Germany) – From the complexity of brain organization to challenges in brain-behaviour mapping

    Understanding brain-behaviour relationships in humans remains as one of the most complex scientific question. For a few decades, data offered by neuroimaging approaches, in particular MRI, have been under intense scientific investigations and methodological questioning. These have highlighted continuous challenges…  Continue reading

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    29 Septembre 2023 – Eric Burguière (ICM, Paris) – Translational approach to investigate the neurofunctional bases of repetitive behaviours

    Repetitive behaviors are acquired through practice and, under normal conditions, allow motor or cognitive processes to be efficiently automated in everyday life. However, a loss of control in the regulation of these processes can lead to their pathological overexpression. These…  Continue reading