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    7 Juillet 2023 –  Mariano Soiza-Reilly (Institute of Physiology, Molecular Biology and Neurosciences – University of Buenos Aires – CONICET)- Synaptic refinement of afferents to raphe 5-HT neurons: Implications for psychiatric disorders

    Psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety and stress vulnerability represent main disabling conditions for individual’s life. Recent studies suggest that many aspects of these pathologies could have an early origin during childhood. Our goal is to investigate how maladaptive neurodevelopmental mechanisms…  Continue reading

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    12 Mai 2023 – Jean-François Perrier (Université de Copenhague, Danemark) – Understanding the cellular mechanisms responsible for neurodevelopmental encephalopathies – the example of STXBP1 encephalopathies

    De novo mutations in Stxbp1 are among the most prevalent causes of neurodevelopmental disorders, and lead to haploinsufficiency, cortical hyperexcitability, epilepsy and other symptoms. Given that Munc18-1, the protein encoded by …  Continue reading

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    3 Mars 2023 – Francesco BATTAGLIA (Radbound Université Radboud, Pays-Bas) – Hippocampal gamma oscillations mediating cortico-hippocampal oscillations and shaping hippocampal temporal code

    Theta sequences and phase precession shape hippocampal activity and are considered key underpinnings of memory formation. Theta sequences are sweeps of spikes from multiple cells, tracing trajectories from past to future. Phase precession is the correlation between theta firing phase…  Continue reading

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    10 Février 2023 – Mohamed Jaber (Université de Poitiers) – Genetic and environmental animal models of autism reproduce the spectrum of the disease

    Genetic and environmental factors increase autism spectrum disorder (ASD) incidence and this has led to the generation of corresponding animal models, with some showing strong construct and face validity. In this line, we have recently published a series of several studies on ASD environmental…  Continue reading

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    3 Février 2023 – Jenny GUNERSEY (Université de Melbourne, Australie) – Excitatory synapse regulators and their potential as therapeutic targets in chronic conditions

    In this presentation, I will describe our recent work on a family of proteins with important roles in excitatory synapse development and maintenance. These proteins have been identified as substrates of the enzyme BACE1, a potential therapeutic target in Alzheimer’s…  Continue reading

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    28 Janvier 2023 – Septième rencontre du Club Autisme, autres troubles du neurodéveloppement et Vision (CAV)- Sexe / genre et perception sensorielle dans l’autisme et les troubles neurodéveloppementaux

    Le CAV (Club Autisme, troubles neuro-développementaux et Vision) organise la rencontre Sexe / genre et perception sensorielle dans l’autisme & les troubles neurodéveloppementaux (flyer et programme en attaché). L’objectif principal de cette rencontre grand public est de mener…  Continue reading

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    Les lauréates du Vendredi 13

    Ce Vendredi 13 de l’INC a été une pleine réussite. Quarante doctorantes, doctorants et postdocs y ont présenté leurs travaux sous formes de communications orales,  posters et vidéos et ont amplement échangé sur leurs recherches avant que nous partagions tous…  Continue reading