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    6 Novembre 2020 – Stéphane Dieudonné (ENS, Paris) – A sequential strategy for multi photon actuation and recording of membrane voltage in awake animals

    Technologies for recording and manipulating neuronal membrane potential in vivo in defined neuronal populations with high fidelity will be essential to understand how information is represented, processed, and propagated in the brain. Genetically encoded voltage indicators and optogenetic actuators are…  Continue reading

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    16 Octobre 2020 – Philippe Faure (IBPS, Paris) – Exploratory behavior, individual trait and nicotine addiction: the role of dopamine

    Consistent individual differences in behaviours represent an ubiquitous feature in animal populations. These behavioural differences among individuals define personality and have been linked to the susceptibility to addiction. Indeed, the susceptibility to develop drug addiction differs substantially between individuals and some traits that characterize an individual,…  Continue reading

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    9 Octobre 2020 – Gregory Gauvain (Institut de la Vision, Paris) – Optogenetics for vision restoration: toward clinical trials

    Using vector and genetic constructs most suitable for vision restoration in patients with retinopathies, we have demonstrated temporal resolution compatible with highly dynamic visual scenes and a visual acuity above legal blindness. Captation et conception vidéo: Service audiovisuel de Paris Descartes. Video sur MédiasD   Continue reading

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    25 Septembre 2020 – Caroline Rouaux (Inserm U1118, Université de Strasbourg, France) – Evaluation of the corticofugal hypothesis in ALS

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is the third most frequent neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and the most frequent disease of the adult motoneuron. Clinically and histopathologically, ALS is defined as the simultaneous degeneration of corticospinal neurons (CSN) in…  Continue reading

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    Programme des séminaires 2020

    Les vendredi à 11h30 en salle de conférence R229 17/01 Martin Giurfa (Centre de Recherche, Université de Toulouse, France)24/01 Naguib Mechawar (Université McGill, Human brain bank, Canada)07/02 Ruben Portugues (Institut Max Planck de Neurobiologie, Martinsried, Allemagne)25/09 Caroline…  Continue reading

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    24 Janvier 2020 – Naguib Mechawar – Early-life adversity and its long-term influence on cerebral oligodendrocytes and myelination

    Early-life adversity can have devastating and lasting consequences on individuals, considerably increasing the lifetime risk of negative mental health outcomes such as depression and suicide. Yet, the neurobiological processes underlying this increase in vulnerability remain poorly understood. I will present…  Continue reading