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    March 22nd – Serge Przedborski – Role of non-neuronal cells in the death of neuronal cells in ALS and neurodegeneration

    Cell-to-cell communications are critical determinants of pathophysiological phenotypes, but methodologies for their systematic elucidation are lacking. During this lecture, an integrative, systems biology approach that combines proteomics and regulatory network analysis to elucidate ligand-mediated interactions between distinct cellular compartments, will…  Continue reading


    Seminar program for 2019 is now available!!

    The Neuroscience Seminar Series is all booked for 2019, save your dates! Friday at 11h30 Conference Room (R229) 18/01 Virginie van Wassenhove (NeuroSpin MEG – CEA – France) 08/02 Mark Pagel (School of Biological Sciences – University of Reading –…  Continue reading