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    Friday the 13th at INC!

    Discover the research topics of the INC teams on Friday the 13th of January at 2 pm at the headquarters of Paris Cité University, 12 rue de l’Ecole de Médecine.

    More than 40 PhD students and postdocs will present their research in the Vulpian Amphitheater and the Saint-Germain Gallery as an oral communication of 3 minutes (in the spirit of the contest “My PhD thesis in 180 seconds”), a short video (3 minutes also) or a poster.

    All presentations will be in English. No more than one slide should be used for oral communications, but animations are allowed. Purely oral communications without any support are also accepted. The mandatory format for posters is A0 (84 x 119 cm).

    Oral communications must be uploaded to https://cloud.parisdescartes.fr/index.php/s/sePeRAHYdxSy8J2

    as a file LastName_FirstName.pptx (with animations are included) or LastName_FirstName.pdf (without animations) before Thursday January 12 at noon.

    Videos (mpeg4 format) must be uploaded to


    as a file LastName_FirstName.mp4 and posters to https://cloud.parisdescartes.fr/index.php/s/79Ded4oXdHK4a8J

    as a file LastName_FirstName.pdf.

    Valuable prizes (two iPads, two 360° cameras, one Oculus VR helmet) will reward the best communications. Goodies, such as USB keys and isothermal bottles, will be offered to the other participants.

    This afternoon will also give us the opportunity to share the King’s cake and discuss together.

    Registration is free but compulsory via the link https://framaforms.org/le-vendredi-13-de-linc-1669989771.