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    Friday, October 19th. 2018, 11:30 am, R229 (2rd Floor), Centre Universitaire des Saints-Pères, 45 rue des Saints-Pères, 75006 Paris

    Yishi Yin PhD, Professor University of California; San Diego USA

    Title: Mechanisms of synapse maintenance

    video25-75927Video of the event (restricted to Paris descartes members).


    Neural circuits established in embryonic development are often modified to meet dynamic needs in adult life. In C. elegans, locomotor circuit undergoes a dramatic connectivity switch in larval development. Operation of the adult locomotor circuit also requires balanced excitation and inhibition. We have employed integrated approaches starting from forward genetic screening to dissect intricate interactions in synapse formation, remodeling and maintenance. Additionally, the ability of neurons to respond to injury is vital for protecting circuit’s function. We have established an in vivo axon injury model to discover conserved genes functioning in axon regeneration. In this talk I will cover these two topics in neural circuit refinement and maintenance.

    Those interested in meeting with the speaker please contact claire.legay@parisdescartes.fr

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