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  • thumbnail of EVNT INC – GDR VISION 2018 programmeDates: 4-5 octobre 2018

    where: Centre Universitaire des Saints-Pères, 45 rue des Saints-Pères 75006 Paris, Salle R229

    The study of vision is fundamental to our understanding of the human brain. It is the fruit of a successful interdisciplinary interaction between functional neuroscience,  experimental psychology, and mathematical modelisation. GDR (groupe de recherche /research group) plays a federative structural role in this field by gathering researchers of different backgrounds interested in vision.

    The 2018 edition of GDR vision is organised together with the Institute for Neuroscience and cognition (INC) which funds collaborative research-projects aiming to understand brain function, and encourages students in that field.

    A workshop will take place on mixt models in neuroscience and cognitive psychology , and we will be honoured to host renoun researchers’ talks: P. Cavanagh (Dartmouth, USA), M. Vo (Frankfort, Germany), et Z. Hafed (Tübingen,Germany).

    Free and mandatory registration : https://gdrvision2018.sciencesconf.org/