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    INC Day 2016 : Sensorimotor Learning

    You will find below all the links to the videos of this event.

     This year, the INC DAY was dedicated to Sensorimotor learning, which is fundamental for exploring and perceiving the world and behaving appropriately in it. The focus was put on Locomotion, Vision, and Speech, a session being devoted to each of these aspects of procedural learning.

    As of custom this international and multidisciplinary scientific has been organized in partnership with three Masters programs:  Biologie Cellulaire, Physiologie et Pathologies, BioMedical Engineering-Paris and Psychologie Cognitive Fondamentale et Appliquée.’



    Amphithéâtre Vulpian, locomotion

    Université Paris Descartes,

    12 rue de l’École de Médecine,

    75006 Paris


    C. Meunier (Centre de Neurophysique, Physiologie et Pathologie, Paris Descartes) ,M. Barbu-Roth, M. Beraneck, C. Levenes, K. Doré-Mazars, J. Gervain, A. Leblois


    9:00-9:30 : Breakfast and Welcome Address

    Claude Meunier (Director of INC) and Arthur Lebloisvideo25-75927

    9:30-10:30 :

    Keynote Lecture by Paul Dean (University of Sheffield) : The Role of the Cerebellum in Sensorimotor Learningvideo25-75927 , introduced by C. Levenes

    10:30-12:30 Session Learning to walk (Chairman : M. Tagliabue)

    Jean-René Cazalets (Institut de Neurosciences cognitives et intégratives d’Aquitaine), Spinal control of dynamic posture in mammalsvideo25-75927

    David Anderson (San Francisco State University), How does Motor Activity Induce Psychological Changevideo25-75927

    Christine Chevallereau (Institut de Recherche en Communications et Cybernétique de Nantes), Computational morphology and humanoid robot walkingvideo25-75927

    12:30-14:00 Lunch in Galerie Saint-Germain

    14:00-16:00 Session Learning to see (Chairman : Mathieu Beraneck)

    Markus Lappe (Université de Münster), Plastic processes in saccadic eye movements and visual space perception

    Nadia Alahyane (VAC, Paris Descartes), Flexibility and plasticity of saccadic eye movements in preschool children

    Ryad Benosman (Institut de la Vision, Paris), Neuromorphic Event-based time oriented vision: A framework to unify computational and biological vision.video25-75927

    16:00-16:30 Coffee break

    16:30-18:30 Session Learning to speak (Chairman : Thierry Nazzi)

    Luciano Fadiga (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Ferrare), Sensorimotor processing of interaction and communication

    Ofer Tchernichovski (Hunter College, The City University of New York), Mechanisms of developmental vocal learning in songbirds: from imitation to culture.video25-75927

    Julien Meyer (CNRS, Gipsa Lab, Grenoble), Perception and learning of whistled speech, basis and first steps

    18:30-19:00 Conclusion and Refreshments

    Print program

    Coupled to this event, an evening of conferences open to a greater audience is organized at the Saints-Pères University Center, with talks on bipedy and how babies and robots learn to walk. (more info here)