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  • June 27, 2014, Paris Descartes University

    Sponsored by the INC

    Infant stepping: a window into the pattern generator for walking or a more complex supra spinal activity?

    The aim of this workshop is to bring together international researchers who specialize in infant stepping todebate the different models proposed to explain the control of early infant locomotion. On one side, there is a strong belief that human infants are particularly good subjects for the study of the pattern generator for walking, with infant stepping describe

    ProgramStepping WorkshopJune2014Paris

    d as a highly organized pattern under the exclusive control of spinal inputs. On the other side, a growing number of studies challenge this idea as infant stepping kinematics and EMG patterns are highly variable and as newborns were recently shown to adapt their steps to visual supra spinal inputs.

    Organizers:Marianne Barbu-Roth, Paris Descartes University, France
    David Anderson, San Francisco State University, USA

    For more information, please contact Marianne Barbu-Roth