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    INC Workshops in 2020

    The INC will organize three short workshops in 2020.

    Dates will be announced soon, meanwhile here are the 2019 workshops links with a description of their content:

    1. Comprendre et soigner le cerveau grâce à la réalité virtuelle (french speaking) https://inc.parisdescartes.fr/2018/11/comprendre-et-soigner-le-cerveau-avec-la-realite-virtuelle-formation-3-e-edition/
    2. 3D environment construction with Unity 3D (french speaking) https://inc.parisdescartes.fr/2018/11/atelier-formation-unity/
    3. fNIRS Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy https://inc.parisdescartes.fr/fr/2018/10/the-fnirs-2019-i…ce-in-march-2019/